Saturday, 27 August 2011

This wasn't what they imagined!

  My brother and sister-in law arrived in Santander excited, relaxed and looking forward to their journey of around 700miles. As they won't get access to their new home just yet they are staying with another brother and sister-in-law meantime. 

Having stopped at a garage en route my brother went inside leaving my sister-in-law in the car. A man knocked on the window telling her to come, insisting there was something dangerous at the back of the car he wanted to show her. She got out, went to the rear with him where he proceeded to show her the "danger". Simultaneously a car appeared, he jumped in and it sped off.   I'm sure you can imagine what happened. Her handbag containing their passports, euros, bank cards, diary, her prescription medicine, spare car keys, their new address, everything gone.  An accomplice had taken her bag from inside the car while she was distracted.  The police were called but they say these guys are professionals and unlikely to be caught.  My brother phoned me immediately to stop their cards for them and I must say both Nationwide and RBS were fantastic.

What a terrible start to their life in Spain. I'm happy to say that they are both positive people and are refusing to let this spoil their plans. They are physically unhurt and everything is replaceable. This morning the latest I received from them is that they stopped overnight in a hotel being mentally exhausted and have now reached our brothers house. They are ok and doing their utmost to chill.

I'm quite sure that if this hasn't reached the UK it won't be too long before it does. So, please let everyone you know be aware of this scam.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Life's Journey

This morning I made a final visit to my brother and sister-in-laws before they begin a new chapter in their lives. They are heading for Spain where they will take up residence in their new place early September. Despite my best efforts a few tears were shed. I am both happy and excited for them but it will be strange them not being around.

The Spanish Script and Compass were printed from the internet. The stamps and fibres non SU.

Stampin' Up products used were :-

Bashful Blue and Early Espresso Cardstock
Early Espresso Ink
Circle Punch and Curly Label
Crystal Effects
Various Markers to colour images.

I hope they do live the dream!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

So Many Thanks

I needed a thank you card for a friend and this is the result.  As usual these days much to do and little time.  The main image is the So Many Thanks and the background the great Confetti set.  Love it, it's so useful and can be incorporated in many types of card.  It's a set of six containing  tiny leaves, hearts, flowers, dots, the letters used here and a pattern reminiscent of Jessie Tait and the fifties.  In my mind a great value set and as I said, useful. Check it out.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Agnes and Elizabeth (aka Zaza).

Met these two lovely ladies tonight. Hope you'll forgive me for publishing your photo on the 'web'.  How incredibly small our world is.  Couldn't believe the coincidences!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Can 't believe it's been so long since I posted.  A family illness has been foremost in our thoughts and actions and will continue to do so.  I have however, made a few cards when the occasions arose and coming from a large family the occasions arose pretty often.  On top of all that it was one of my daughters 'milestone' birthdays.  I don't know if she would want it broadcast but let's just say that life begins at this age.  Having made a scrapbook for her elder sister I wasn't going to get away with not making one for her!  Another set of problems you wouldn't believe.  Most of my early photographs were on 35mm.  Slides to be precise.  Anyone remember that far back? A great idea at the time to have our projector and screen for slideshows.  However pretty expensive to have professionally scanned and put onto a disc which was what I did for her sister.  Shortly after, in anticipation for this one, I bought a scanner which enabled me to scan negatives and slides.  Plugged in, after a few minutes smoke came billowing from it so binned pretty damn quick.  Bought another, brilliant and easier piece of kit,  printer played up.  New printer required. Long story short, got the scrapbook done eventually and as expected a few tears shed.  In all the rush it didn't cross my mind to photograph any pages. So until I 'borrow' it back a couple of cards will follow shortly. Meanwhile, a card using the Make a Monster stamp set.  Thought about giving this set to my grandson who is quite creative but enjoyed it so much myself decided against it.  He can always join in when he visits can't he?